Dan Zanger’s 10 Golden Rules

Dan’s 10 Golden Rules Make sure the stock has a well formed base or pattern such as one described on this web site and can be found on the tab “Understanding Chart Patterns” on the home page, before considering purchase. Dan highlights stocks with these patterns in his newsletter. Buy the stock as it moves over the trend line of that base or pattern and make sure that volume is […]

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Dan Zanger Interview – Very little has changed!

Dan Zanger Interview By Larry Jacobs ©2006, Reprinted with permission of Traders World Magazine (www.tradersworld.com) Larry: How have you been? Dan: I have been very good and busy. Last year was probably my most profitable year and my biggest dollars gain ever since I started trading. I had some big winners such as Google, Apple and housing and oil stocks. The majority of my money was made on Google first […]

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